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09 / 16 / 18

Three public housing properties in Wodonga stripped and cleaned amid drug lab concerns

Three public housing homes in Wodonga have required decontamination in the past year due to meth lab chemical concerns. Read the f...

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09 / 11 / 18

More units test positive for methamphetamine at Longmont apartment complex

Five months after units in two buildings were declared methamphetamine-affected properties, another building at Longmont's Cloverbasin Village Apartments has tested positive for contamination. Read...

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08 / 29 / 18

Are your listings at threat from meth contamination?

Few would argue that Australia has a problem with ‘ice’, but is the hysteria about meth contamination in rentals justified? Sharon Fox-Slater of EBM's RentCover investigates. Read the full article...

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08 / 29 / 18

Mandurah homes named hot spot for meth contamination

A company that tests properties for drug residue has named Mandurah a methamphetamine hot spot. Read the full article published by the Mandur...

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08 / 26 / 18

This man didn’t know he was living in a meth-ridden house

Jonathan* had no idea the house he was renting with his three children was riddled with methamphetamines. Read the full article published by The Age ...

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08 / 25 / 18

Alberta to develop guidelines to clean fentanyl contaminated sites

Alberta is leading the charge in Canada to develop guidelines that will help protect those cleaning sites contaminated by fentanyl, health officials said Friday. Read the full article published by...

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