Western Australian Hazardous Waste Remediation & Restoration Specialists

What we do

We get rid of mould contamination from surfaces.

  • We decontaminate, clean and sanitize mould affected surfaces.
  • We are IIRC certified professionals.
  • We remove and dispose of unrecoverable mould damaged items safely.
  • We repair mould damaged surfaces in most instances.
  • We apply preventative anti-mould coatings to prone surfaces.
  • We help you work to prevent and mitigate the recurrence of mould contamination.

Where we do it

  • Hospitals, clinical and high-risk rooms and wards.
  • Shopping centres, malls.
  • Government buildings.
  • Convention centres and similar public entertainment facilities.
  • Buildings, residential, strata, corporate and commercial.
  • Homes, rentals.
  • Anywhere mould needs to be remediated.


Mould is unpleasant, unsightly and often emitting bad odours however, and most importantly, it is toxic and a danger to your health. Mould is not just a danger on the surfaces you may find it but an airborne contaminate as well. The spores that mould produce eventually settle and begins to consumes the moist surface it will thrive on. Mould will then release more spores potentially exacerbating skin and eye irritations, and more commonly breathing difficulties and respiratory problems and even headaches. Mould is an airborne heath risk that also damages the surfaces it lives off.

Benefits to you

  • We can provide documented and photographed, progress and completion of all work.
  • We will work with you to help you decide the best mould clean, remove, repair and mitigate solution.
  • We maintain and provide our own specialised equipment to facilitate any works required.
  • Our operators are trained and experienced in mould hygiene and will clean to highest standard with conscientious respect and care to your property, your occupants and the publics sensitivities.
  • We are IICRC certified and our experience in effective decontaminating, cleaning and sanitising high-risk areas such as hospital theatres, sterile and clinical areas are evidence that we work to exceed Australian National standards.


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