Western Australian Hazardous Waste Remediation & Restoration Specialists

What we do

  • We can test for the presence of lead quickly and providing instant results.
  • We can decontaminate, clean and sanitise most lead containing material.
  • We can remove and dispose of lead containing material.
  • We operate to the National Standards [NOHSC:1012(1994)].

Where we do it

  • Shopping centres, malls.
  • Government buildings.
  • Convention centres and similar public entertainment facilities.
  • Buildings, residential, strata, corporate and commercial.
  • Homes, rentals.
  • Anywhere mould needs to be remediated.


Lead is toxic and a highly poisonous additive in lead-based paints that by 1978, the Australian federal government banned domestic use. This still left many painted surfaces as a risk, particularly when the lead-based paint eventually begins to deteriorate and powders into dust or chips and flakes. Lead was used in other household building materials and we can test for and identified these risks if you suspect or have a concern. Lead lighting, antique toys and furniture are other suspect areas of concern with likely frequent human contact. Work to lead-based painted surfaces and other lead containing materials, such as renovations to buildings and homes where the surface is to be disturbed by sanding, cutting, drilling etc, increases the contamination risks. Breathing or swallowing lead dust is the most common method for raised lead levels in people. The common and easy exposure to something as ubiquitous as lead-based painted surface, although on the decline thanks to the ban, is compounded by the dangerous health effects that lead has. Lead poisoning effects every organ of the body with symptoms such as brain damage, severe kidney damage, central nervous system damage, blood disorders, miscarriage for pregnant women and lead levels in new born, reduced fertility in men, cardiovascular problems, anaemia, immune deficiencies and many, many others. Lead-based paint that is in good condition or even sealed over does not present an immediate risk however, removal from likely human contact regardless is the best practice recommended.

Savana Environmental can confirm the presence of lead in materials, remove it and dispose of it. In nearly all cases, Savana Environmental can also repair or replace the damage.

Benefits to you

  • We can provide documented and photographed, progress and completion of all work.
  • Don’t put yourself and others at risk from disturbing lead containing material.
  • We work to protect people and property removing contaminated material safely and to Australian standards.
  • We maintain and provide our own specialised equipment to facilitate any works required.
  • Our operators are trained and experienced in environmental hygiene.
  • We will clean to Australian National Standards with conscientious respect and care to your property, your occupants and the publics sensitivities.


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