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While most people might know asbestos to be harmful, many are unaware of just how common it was used to build houses prior to 1990. Often, asbestos can be found in building materials made using bonded asbestos cement. This meant that asbestos can be present in anywhere from roofing to floor coverings, drainage pipes, in corrugated walls and also in ceilings.

It is very difficult to tell where asbestos is in your home or commercial building, this is why you should not attempt to save costs by removing it yourself. Instead, please contact a professional asbestos removal service in Perth, WA.

Why Choose Us for Professional Asbestos Removal Across Perth WA?

Here at Savana, we provide peace of mind through our unique start to finish specialist environmental support services. While working in highly hazardous regulated environments, we deliver quality asset maintenance and recovery, decommissioning, asbestos removal and management, consulting services to the built environment, industrial and energy sectors.

As professionals, we never need to compromise between safety and quality when doing the job. We have the experience and expertise needed to prioritise both, meaning that you will always get the highest quality service you can find anywhere in Perth and across WA.

How is Asbestos Disposed and what are the costs?

At Savana Environmental, we can help with asbestos removal for commercial, domestic and industrial environments across Perth WA and even worldwide. We begin with a detailed consultation of what you require and what you are looking to achieve. Our consultants then formulate a cost-effective plan in preparation for asbestos removal. With your approval, we implement the removal plan or demolition in a controlled but thorough manner, removing all traces of asbestos for your safety. After which, we will reassess your area and provide our recommendation for redevelopment.

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