Western Australian Hazardous Waste Remediation & Restoration Specialists

What we do;

Hoarder problems, abandoned sites, contaminated sites made safe and habitable again.

We Cleanout, Decontaminate, Sanitise and rework sites.

  • Hoarder and Squatter cleanouts, decontaminate and sanitize to habitable condition.
  • Biological cleaning, decontamination and sanitization.
  • PCB (i.e. electrical capacitors) and redundant stored dangerous goods
  • Carpentry rework to damaged walls, cladding, fencing and roofing.

Where we do it;

  • Buildings, residential, rental, strata, corporate, government and commercial.


Cleanouts of hoarder, squatter and abandoned sites can be a daunting task at first glance however, the serious dangers to your health are usually only discovered when people begin the unpleasant cleanout for themselves. Contact with a syringe may be the worst of the sharp injuries to be feared after you promise yourself you can manage the ever-worsening stench you will likely be taking home with you.

What is not readily realised, is the stench is a warning to the toxic dangers of mould contamination, ammonia from urine, animal and rodent waste and rotting carcases, rotting food, pest infestation and the alarming discovery of unmarked dangerous or toxic containers.

Inhalation of contaminated airborne dust, dirt and toxic mould spores are a bio-hazard, compounded by a disease risk, a falling and collapse hazard and a fire risk. Don’t run the risk of poisoning or harming yourself and others.

Savana Environmental are trained and prepared to safely cleanout and dispose of the waste safely, conduct carpentry rework, including roofing and fencing, leaving your property or site decontaminated, sanitised and brought to you in a habitable condition.

Benefits to you

  • We provide documented and photographed, progress and completion of all work.
  • Your site is cleaned out safely, decontaminated and sanitised properly.
  • We remove the cleanout health risk to you.
  • We can conduct carpentry rework including roofing and fences.
  • Prompt communication to alert any urgent situation as a mater of our duty of care.
  • We maintain and provide our own specialised equipment to facilitate any works required.
  • Our operators are trained and experienced in hygiene, cleaning to highest standards with conscientious respect and care to your proprty, your occupants, neighbours and the public.
  • Our experience in effective decontaminating, cleaning and sanitising high-risk areas such as hospital theatres, sterile and clinical areas are evidence that we work to exceed Australian standards.


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