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At Savana Environmental, we are your one-stop-shop for all your environmental cleaning needs. We are a professional and reliable company that specializes in environmental cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality services using the latest equipment and techniques.

 What is Environmental Cleaning?

Environmental cleaning is the process of removing harmful pollutants and contaminants from an environment. These pollutants can come from a variety of sources, including asbestos, mold, lead, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and more. Environmental cleaning is important because it helps to create a healthy and safe living and working environment for people. By removing these harmful pollutants, we can reduce the risk of illness and disease, improve indoor air quality, and ensure that our clients are living and working in a healthy environment.

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Why is Environmental Cleaning needed?

At Savana Environmental, we understand the importance of environmental cleaning and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services.

We offer a wide range of environmental cleaning services, including:

  • asbestos removal,
  • mold remediation,
  • air duct cleaning,
  • lead dust cleaning,
  • and biohazard cleanup.


Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of environmental cleaning, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.

We pride ourselves on using only eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques. Our team understands the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment. That’s why we use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products that are safe for people and the environment.

At Savana Environmental, we believe that every client deserves a clean and healthy living and working environment. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our services to meet those needs. We provide our clients with customized environmental cleaning solutions that are effective, efficient, and affordable. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.


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