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Trust Savana Environmental for Asbestos Management

We specialise in Asbestos Management and Asbestos Removal not only Asbestos Removal Perth but world-wide, with contracts completed in the UK, Africa, China and France. The staff and management team here at Savana have an asbestos abatement package to suit your needs.
With our vast knowledge and over 40 years industry experience, the management team at Savana have a solution which works for you.


1. Consultation

Out expert team will thoroughly analyse your requirements
and custom design an appropriate solution for you. We
employ an open-book approach and work closely with our
clients to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved, with
maximum focus on safety.

2. Preparation

Technical experts in consulting, remediation and
decommissioning will work to overcome the challenges you
face and seek to deliver the most cost effective option for
you to proceed.

3. Implementation

This step consists of preparing the asset which includes
the erection of enclosures and scaffolding when necessary.
The execution varies dependent on individual
circumstances but may involve a controlled level of
demolition, dismantling, decommissioning and asbestos
removal. This stage requires a great deal of expertise and
an unwavering dedication to safety.

4. Aftercare

Savana Environmental will complete the process when able to
render your site safe for re-use or development, through
demolition, remediation or through maintenance. We also assess
(when it’s appropriate) whether the site is best dismantled,
redundant or suitable for selling and re-use.
Our overriding goal is to ensure that you receive impeccable
service that allows you to obtain maximum value from your asset
and protects your reputation..


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