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08 / 22 / 18

Housing NZ debt collectors continued to pursue tenants for meth damage

Housing New Zealand was still paying debt collectors to chase tenants for meth-related properties damage nearly a month after a report found the health risks of third-hand meth exposure was overhy...

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08 / 22 / 18

Man is left homeless after his house is contaminated with meth – as he reveals how you can spot if your home is affected

A man has been left homeless after discovering his house was contaminated with high levels of methamphetamine. When Dr Seth Nicholls mo...

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07 / 16 / 18

Australian ‘Breaking Bad’ house has 900 times the safe level of meth

A drug-detection company has revealed the shocking level of contamination in a “cook house” - with one Australian property left with 900 times the safe level of methamphetam...

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07 / 11 / 18

Sydney family forced to move after exposure to meth-contaminated property

Red, puffy, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing and rashes are all symptoms that could be consistent with allergies and asthma. But Elle Murphy was shocked to discover her family wa...

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06 / 11 / 18

Meth contamination growing problem for WA homeowners, landlords

Methamphetamine contamination is growing problem in Perth, with tests showing an alarming number of homes testing positive for drug residue. Read the full article published...

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05 / 15 / 18

Dad dodges ‘extreme’ meth contaminated property

A regional Victorian dad has narrowly dodged buying a house with “extreme” levels of meth contamination — highlighting an invisible health and hefty financial risk. Read th...

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